World-class education

The Canadian educational institutions are renowned for their utmost quality and their excellent university standards. They are always classified among the best in the world.

Financial aspect

Although the education standards and the quality of life in Canada figure among the top ones in the world, the cost of living and tuition fees are generally lower than in other countries, such as The United States and The United Kingdom.

So many options

Canadian colleges and universities offer more than 15 000 undergraduate and graduate programs, in addition to the technical and the certificate programs, in a wide range of disciplines. Student who complete their high school studies in Canada have access to all available college and university programs in Canada.

Open to the world safely

Canada is a country that is open to the world, rich with a wide variety of cultures and one of the safest environments in which to live peacefully.

Learning by experience

The Canadian educational institutions offer many programs with a unique learning experience by alternating between the classroom teaching and the sport, music or cultural training.

Integration support services

Support and integration services are offered to international students to help them adapt to the Canadian life and education in Canada. In addition, international students may benefit from the services of career counselling, academic advisors, language support and an access to associations and to other programs offered by the institution.

Cultural diversity

Canada stands among the most multicultural countries in the world. Regardless of their ethnic origins, international students feel welcomed in all communities and Canadian institutions thanks to the multicultural population and the friendly atmosphere.

Live in Canada after graduation: a possibility!

International students may work during their studies and after graduation. University graduates may also be eligible for permanent residence. Visit Immigration and citizenship Canada website to learn more.